“What profit a man if he again the whole world and looses his soul, or what can a man exchange for his.” Winful Matthew 16:26


“Don’t exchange your soul for anything of this world, your soul is more worth than gold and silver. I was working as a gold miner for 11 years, working 3 miles down in total darkness having just one torch, extra battery and bottle of water. I’ve heard many times screaming people for help and water when the ground collapsed in the mine. They just asked for water no food. I remember also when I was standing at my mother’s casket I had my eyes closed and filled dizzy, people called me but I didn’t hear them. She was the one who was feeding me, laughing with me and now she is in there. Then I realized it we will take no possessions with us to the grave. She left behind her everything at the age of 75.” Winful

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